Crack side down the avenue. You won’t see the lights turning red ‘til it’s too late, so watch out, bro. They won’t legalize it easily, have to vindicate over the Laws of Men, because Men is all but at the same nothing is Men.

Come over this area, rejoice under the spells of music and rhythm, which now It’s no longer the same. New order on board, only dreams allowed, falls by the magnetic towel.

Feelin’ like a twist on the ocean, so powerful but lonely, the fishes so soft so kind don’t judging the sail. Birds drawing their pain over the clouds of milk, pushing thru Heaven Siren’s domain.

Run now, far away this land, go beyond the line that the body scars are calling apart. Beyond the rumors of the night and the sounds of the city, looking for peers on the melancholic hills. Rumble Rubble on the scoop.

Pana mío, this mark is now a shared piece of mankind, throwing golden dust across the lines of memory and sand, from South to the North, like Up can be Down.




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